What's in Stock?

What’s In Stock?

Mississippi’s finest selection of Fish, Coral, Inverts, and Dry Goods to meet your Saltwater Aquarium needs.




www.jacksonfishandcoral.com Saltwater FishOur fi
sh are housed in a state of the art, 500 gallon holding system. All fish that enter our store are quickly acclimated to our systems temperature, salinity, and PH, inspected for any signs of pests or disease, and then placed in a cautionary medicated bath. Our fish are then separated and placed in our holding tanks with no lights to reduce stress after their long trip. After the fish have adjusted, we begin feeding them a variety of frozen, pellet, and flake food along with seaweed for herbivores, up to six times per day to build their immune systems and overall strength back up so we can provide you with the healthiest specimens.


We import fish from the top wholesalers in the industry and are able to get our hands on virtually any species available to the ornamental trade.


Along with sustainably harvested, net caught fish from the wild, we support aquaculture and captive breeding to the best of our ability. All species of Clownfish, Cardinalfish, Dottybacks, and Seahorses as well as some Gobies, Blennies, and many other species at Jackson Fish and Coral are always available captive bred.




www.jacksonfishandcoral.com Live CoralsWith over 600 gallons of water volume in our Live Coral holding system we have more than enough to go around. Each piece of coral that arrives here is acclimated, dipped, and inspected for pests before entering our system. The corals are then slowly adjusted to high power LED artificial lighting.


Along with our fish, we support coral aquaculture and mariculture greatly. Over 80% of the corals you will find are farmed either on land in greenhouses, or in the ocean on manmade reef structures. We see these methods as the future of the reefkeeping hobby.



We specialize in coral “FRAGS.” Frags are small, propagated coral fragments cut in house usually between 1-2 inches. With a 16 square foot frag tank, we typically have between 400-700 healthy pieces in stock for sale. We have found that frags are great for beginner hobbyists to obtain a variety of specimens that have already adjusted to captive conditions and don’t call for the high price and careful acclimation of larger colonies.


Dry Goods


www.jacksonfishandcoral.com Aquarium SuppliesWe sell products that we believe in, and use here in our own aquariums. From salt and supplements to high powered LED lighting and wavemaker pumps, we try to cater to all hobbyists from novice to expert with competitive pricing.




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