About Us

About Us


Jackson Fish and Coral is a locally owned and operated retail store, specializing in marine aquarium keeping. With over 15 years combined experience in the hobby, we have learned what works,  and strive to educate our customers on what is important when it comes to taking care of beautiful marine-life. Offering top quality products and livestock, we have quickly been able to provide hundreds of hobbyists with what they need to achieve their aquarium goals, as well as build, design, and maintain custom aquariums of all shapes, sizes, and styles.


Customer Focus


Our mission at Jackson Fish and Coral is to enable our Customers to create and sustain an aquatic experience that meets their vision and budget. We work with the novice to expert aquarist to assist in the selection of fish, coral, and aquarium supplies that is right for them. 




The environment at Jackson Fish and Coral is state of the art. Filtration systems, tanks and lighting were all designed to provide to our customers the best fish and coral. We only source our fish and coral from limited suppliers that we have relationships with to insure we are getting the best quality.




We provide installation and on-site maintenance in your home, office, school, retail establishment or wherever you choose to locate your aquarium.




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