Fish Spotlight: Blue Dot Jawfish

The Blue Dot Jawfish is rather uncommon and timid with a beautiful yellow, orange and blue body. This fish spends the majority of its time burrowing in rocks and substrate and absolutely loves to people watch, despite being rather jumpy. Captive care should mirror their natural environment as much as possible. This is not possible in most home aquariums due to size restraints, but with good planning, a close replica can be achieved. Jawfish are always located on reef flats at depths ranging from 10 feet to 150 feet. They prefer to hover up to 5' above their den, always having a 360° view of their surroundings. Without an extensive view in all directions, they will hang lower than usual or may only extend their head outside their den. This reclusive behavior also occurs when actively swimming fish are present. So what does all this mean? Plan ahead. Jawfish should be the first fish added to the home aquarium. It is harder to get them acclimated once other fish are established. This does not mean if your aquarium already has inhabitants that you cannot keep these fish, but it does make it tougher to acclimate them.

Have you ever kept a Blue Dot Jawfish in your reef?




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