Workplaces Friendly to Aquariums

We are by no means the only company that allows fish keeping in the work, and it would be interesting to know if your work allows tanks so that prospective job searchers in our community can see where they might want to be looking for their next employment.

If your workplace is friendly to aquariums already - or is becoming friendly - here are some things as an employee to do to make sure your aquarium is friendly to the workplace. These have been some of the lessons learned the hard way.

  1. Observe the same attention to safety and hazards - especially with water and electricity- that you would at home with children. Use GFCI outlets, use drip loops, do not leave cords where they can be tripped over - you know what they are.
  2. Make sure your aquarium is not located somewhere that if it leaks it will cause a problem, electrical or otherwise. Desk mounting in cubicles can be especially hazardous because many cubicles have non-GFCI outlets built into them, cubicle cord trays can also become excellent canals leading to an outlet should a tank overflow or leak.
  3. Be respectful of noise when it comes to overflows and return pumps. Nothing is more irritating than a pump running in a dry auto top off reservoir.
  4. DO NOT ABUSE THE PRIVILEDGE. A tank in your space does not mean 4 tanks, 2 sumps, vertical plumbing and 1,000,000 watts a week of power consumption. Likewise, you are at work to add value to the company and be a good coworker - not be a one person tank maintenance company for your own system. Take care of your tank, keep it looking nice, but keep the tank value added not a resource drain for the company.
  5. Set up a camera with DVR - this will deter others from moving or taking your livestock - in reality it will prove to you when livestock is missing from your tank that it died and was eaten/ jumped or simply teleported to another realm - and that there is no reason to start a inquisition for Bill from accounting who you are sure came in over the weekend and took your Orchid Dottyback.
  6. Be thankful. Aquariums are awesome - you work for a great company if you are allowed to have a tank at work! :)




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